Stunning Kakeshita Wedding Kimono with Pheasants and Plum Blossoms!


  • Original/Reproduction: Original
  • Type: Kimono
  • Region of Origin: Japan
  • Primary Material: 100% Silk

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Rich blue wedding kimono (kakeshita) of smooth silk with exquisite depictions of pheasants (which represent promise and abundance) on a ground of plum and clouds. Generously highlighted with metallic leafing and foiling.  This is really stunning and so richly colored and brilliantly painted… it’s really breathtaking!!  Very soft and lovely, this would be a gorgeous art hanging on your wall!  Lining is rayon not silk. Note that there is some discoloration, primarily on the sleeve seams (second to last photo), and a couple spots (last photo), and thus cannot be considered excellent condition.  

Very approximate dimensions:

Sleeve hang length is 42”, kimono is 50” wide from wrist to wrist, and is 62“ long from shoulder to hem, width of the back is 24”.

Kimono can be worn, hung on the wall, or cut up for pillows and quilts and totes.

Size differences in kimono are minimal, and are actually one-size-fits-all garments that fit an American size 2-12.  Kimono are surprisingly long because they were cut so that Japanese women could pull them up at the waist to the precise length needed, and bind them in place with an obi. 

There are many non-traditional ways for Westerners to wear kimono. They can be bloused and worn with a chain belt or sash. They can be worn open, as dusters or luxurious evening coats. Some pieces can be shortened if desired, depending upon their design.  If you wish to learn how to wear kimono in the traditional way, please see The Book of Kimono, by Noria Yamanaka for complete instructions.  


Colors may vary by monitor, we cannot guarantee color.  Please remember that this item is old, and therefore there may be spots or discoloration or fading or the faint smell of the Japanese warehouse it came from.  We make every effort to identify and note those problems, but there may be something we missed.  We cannot accept returns, thank you for understanding.