Do you ship internationally?

We do offer international shipping to all non-embargoed countries.  Int’l shipping is charged at actual price, so if your order is going outside the US, please check out as normal and pay the shipping deposit. If there is an overage, we will refund you, and if there is a shortage, we will invoice you for the balance.  Orders that require invoicing for shipping or yardage adjustments will not be cut until the invoice is paid. All invoices must be paid within 36 hours or orders will be canceled.


How many yards do I need for a man’s suit?

As a very rough rule of thumb, an average pair of men’s pants uses 2.5 yards. Go up to 3 yards of 45″ wide fabric if his waist is over 36″. A jacket for a small to average size man usually requires about 2 yards of 45″ fabric. Larger men may need up to 3 yards of fabric. Be sure to add extra yardage if you will need to match patterns or add cuffs or a vest. 


The fabric I want is in a different width. How much should I buy?

Use our yardage converter chart below:  Look at your pattern envelope, simply put your finger on the number of yards and width it calls for (ie, If your fabric is 45″ wide, you will need 3 1/8 yards for your size) and then slide your finger in straight horizontal line to get the yardage you need for a different width.  So in our example above, if the fabric you love is 60″ wide, you will need 2 3/8 yards for your pattern.  PLEASE NOTE: Not all patterns can be converted – some require a certain width or they won’t work.  Check your pattern carefully before ordering.


I only need 2.5 yards, can I buy in smaller increments than 1 yard?

Unfortunately, at this time our system is only set up for 1 yard increments – this also helps us keep our prices lower for you!  There are lots of ideas online of projects to make with your remnants.


I want to make sure my fabric is continuous yardage!

Don’t worry!!  Unlike other online fabric stores, we are seamstresses ourselves, so we understand how important this is.  All orders of more than one yard are cut as continuous yardage.  In the event that there is a flaw in the bolt or the bolt is short (or long), we will make every attempt to contact you and see how you want to proceed rather than just making assumptions as other stores do.  (So be sure to check your email or phone messages!)


Some of my fabric has a cut edge and some is torn, what did you do?!

Where we deem it possible, we tear the fabric so you can be sure the grainline runs true.  For fabrics that cannot be torn, we do our best to cut along the grain.