Irridescent Shimmery Knit with STUNNING Dramatic Floral


  • Color: Gray, Purple, Grey, Blue, Green, Red, Plum
  • Brand: Telio
  • Pattern: Floral, Botanical, Flowers, Leaves
  • Fiber Content: Polyester

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You know those pictures we had in the eighties that were printed on very finely textured card that made the picture shift and change as you tilted it back and forth and made it look like it was moving? This is the equivalent in fabric! Superfine texture gives faint and subtle iridescence and makes the flowers come to life.

Wonderfully soft and almost slinky, but with the most delightful heavy drape (as you can see from the pictures) and so comfortable! 
Ideal for all kinds of spring and summer tops, dresses, and even palazzo pants!

This print is nearly the full width of the fabric, and is about 24″ wide, and is sold by the yard, so we cannot guarantee where exactly the cut will fall and how many of a full repeat you get. Please keep that in mind when ordering.
60″ Wide. 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex.  Price per yard.
No returns accepted. Colors may vary by monitor. If you need precise color or texture, please order a swatch (look in our shop for the Swatch item for terms and ordering info).

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