Small African Batiks! STUNNING! HANDMADE! Exquisite – Landscape, People, Animals

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These gorgeous handmade batiks come directly from Tanzania, where they are made by village artisans. We would love to start carrying more of these on a regular basis and help lift these artisans out of dire poverty! We brought back a sample selection, including these smaller pieces, and a couple very large pieces (listed separately). Colors practically GLOW! Really beautiful!!

Please select which piece you want, all are different! Price per each. 
The $8 one is the smallest, 10″ x 6.5″
The $10 one is 12″ x 8″
These are all made using traditional wax batik methods on cotton. The pieces are all still heavily impregnated with the wax and are a little stiff and smell of the batik process (no one in our offices or other customers have found it to be an unpleasant smell, but if you are particularly sensitive to odors, this may not be the item for you.) As is, they are ideal for hanging and mounting or sewing into a display piece. If you wanted to use them in something that gets washed and worn, we recommend pre-washing first in a basin with hot water and a mild detergent to remove some of the wax and sizing, and then press with a hot iron – before pressing, sandwich the batik between a piece of scrap flannel fabric (to absorb any wax left) and a teflon pressing sheet or parchment paper – to protect your iron and board.
No returns accepted. Colors may vary by monitor. If you need precise color or texture, please order a swatch (look in our shop for the Swatch item for terms and ordering info).

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